2 River Park - Model Unit Display
Oceanwide Plaza - Cylindrical Pano
Oceanwide Plaza - Cylindrical Pano
PerLA - Cylindrical Pano
2 River Park - Cylindrical Pano
2 River Park - Cylindrical Pano
Epic - Cylindrical Pano
Savina - Model Unit Display
825 S Hill - Cylindrical Pano
One88 - Cylindrical Pano
Epic - Cylindrical Pano
500 Broadway - Cylindrical Pano
1212 S Flower, Los Angeles - Cylindrical Panorama
9100 Sunset - Cylindrical Pano

Aerial Panoramic Photography

Everybody wants a beautiful image, but nobody wants to pay too much. We have a solution, tiered pricing with add-ons. You get exactly what you need, without overpaying.  

RAW Panorama

RAW unedited and unstitched panoramic photos. 

How to Use

  • View Corridor Analysis
  • Price Analysis
  • Tower Positioning Analysis
  • Renderings & Composites
  • Arch-Viz Animations
  • Reflections for Renderings


  • Lowest price option
  • Fast turnaround (within 48 hours of acquisition)
  • Can be edited at a later date, for an additional fee
  • Can be stitched into a panorama at a later date, for an additional fee
    • Once RAW panoramic images are aquired we can process them into an Economy or Standard panorama asset at any point

Economy Panorama


Основная команда

  • Анатолий Калифицкий: руководитель проекта, подбор актёров
  • Михаил Алексеев: звукорежиссёр

Роли озвучили

  • HYVER: диктор
  • Михаил Алексеев: солдаты в бою
  • Nekkit333: переговоры по рации

Перевод текста

  • MeteoraMan
  • Anton666
  • Parabashka
  • Kella Kahanna
  • pipindor666
  • mrjohnwhite


1.0 от 08.04.2013

  • Первая версия русификатора.



  • OS: Windows (7, 8, 10)
  • Лаунчеры: Steam
  • Версия: 1.0 от 08.04.2013
  • Дата выхода: 08.04.2013
  • Размер: 84 МБайт
  • Авторы: GamesVoice / R.G. Кинозал.ТВ
  • Издатель: GamesVoice

Basic stitched panoramas. These minimally processed panoramas are great from afar, which makes them ideal for view corridor analysis, price analysis and Arch-Viz rendering backplates.

Standard Panorama

Perfect from up close. Mainly used for the sales gallery and website. Gives buyers the invaluable opportunity to preview the actual view from their unit.





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Stitched Panoramas: Economy vs Standard

Here are two examples. Can you spot the differences? 

Economy Panorama 

Standard Panorama 

Did you spot the differences?

The devil is in the details. The Standard Panorama has zero stitch errors and superior coloring set to the clients preferences. You may not notice the stitch errors in the Economy pano; which means paying the higher premium to ensure there are no faults may not be for you. On the other hand, we all know a stitch error can turn the viewer off and take the focus away from what truly matters, the beautiful views. If you want the highest quality marketing asset, we highly recommend a Standard panorama.


Use the sliders below to see a few of the stitch errors. 

Move slider to compare Economy and Standard Panoramas

Move slider to compare Economy and Standard Panoramas

Move slider to compare Economy and Standard Panoramas

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