July 21, 2015

More and more players are jumping into the action camera market. The market is oversaturated with options.  But there is no action cam that you can buy today with an interchangeable lens mount.  Sure, there’s the Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera, but i...

July 3, 2015

The Auburn Maine Fire department used a drone to help rescue two boys stranded in the Little Androscoggin River. The drone was used to deploy a line to the stranded boys on rocks in the middle of the raging river.  Then they used the line and drone t...

June 29, 2015

In November, a Modesto, CA a man’s UAS operating on his own property was shot down by a neighbor’s son.  The neighbor, Brett McBay, claimed that the man, Eric Joe, was “testing surveillance” capabilities of his UAS.  Joe told McBay that it did not ha...

June 11, 2015

DJI announced two new products, the Matrice 100 quadcopter, and Guidance.  The Matrice 100 is a barebones quadcopter, it does not come equipped with a camera, instead it merely has a flight controller and the ability to fly for 40 minutes on two onbo...

June 5, 2015

RTF Quadcopters are great.  You can order them online, throw it together, and in a few minutes, you’re flying.  But most RTF quads can only carry a few hundred grams.  Also they can’t fly very fast or for very long.  The Yeair quadcopter does the opp...

April 30, 2015

Drones can only go so high.  Sometimes you need to go higher.  So you mount a camera to a high altitude aircraft or weather balloon.  But what if you want to go even higher?  Enter the International Space Station.

April 17, 2015

Blackmagic Design, a company known for A/V hardware and software, made its foray into camera systems at NAB in 2012 with the Blackmagic Cinema Camera.  At NAB in 2013 the company announced the Blackmagic pocket camera, a pocketable camera that can re...

April 16, 2015

With NAB behind us, there is a ton of new aerial gear.  DJI has new phantoms.  Freefly has a new drone, gimbals, and controllers.  And a bunch of cameras with UAS in mind were announced, for example the Blackmagic micro cinema camera is specifically...

April 13, 2015

The Alta is a new UAS that allows operators to mount a 15 pound payload above or beneath the rotors.  Mounting above the rotors allows DPs to acquire shots that have never been seen before.  See the gif below to understand what we are talking about....

April 9, 2015

What do you get when you put a smartphone, camera, IMU, distance sensors on a drone?  A hell of a smart drone that can save itself in dangerous situations.  A research team at the University of Zurich have developed a system that can stabilize and po...

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