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The DJI Manifold Heralds the Beginning of a new era for Drones

Image: DJI

When it comes to drones it is recognized that the technology behind them is advancing at a rapid pace and yet still developing. Accordingly, across an array of drone vehicles and products are modifications, customizations and improvements still being made to take the field further in-air.

The release of the new DJI Manifold may be seen as another step in this progress. The Manifold is a computer designed for the DJI Onboard SDK. As opposed to the way in which drones have been operated prior - with a semi-autonomy in the air but essentially a unit that remains controlled and driven from the ground - the DJI Manifold heralds a new era in which the ability to set your drone in flight - and then leave it to go and attend to other tasks or set up other drones for flight - has been brought that much closer.

The Manifold features a Quad-core ARM Cortex A-15 Processor and NVIDIA Kepler-based GPU. Running an Ubuntu operating system, it also comes with ports for USB, Ethernet, and HDMI. These specs make this UAV at once pioneering in what it does for the first time, and also progressive; offering an excellent array of additional components to deliver opportunity for a wide variety of uses, and value for money.

The Manifold achieves this with a high-performance computer, and one that is specifically designed for the DJI Onboard SDK. What’s more, this is a significant achievement within the field not only for what the technology achieves, but where it has been made. DJI is a startup based in China that has enjoyed some considerable success in recent years producing drones that are eminently useful, but also sold at an economical price. This means the company is at once progressing the technology of drones to new heights - and ensuring the price consumers can expect to pay for a new drone keeps getting lower and lower.

The Manifold is a high-performance embedded computer specially designed for the DJI Onboard SDK. It enables developers to transform aerial platforms into truly intelligent flying robots that can perform complex computing tasks and advanced image processing literally on the fly.

In sum, while we may see more like it in time, for the moment the Manifold flies its own path.

Well done to the folks at DJI on such an achievement with this product.


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