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The Typhoon H by Yuneec Ushers in a New Wave of Drone Technology

Video: Yuneec Electric Aviation

Chinese drone manufacturer Yuneec International has today announced the launch of its new drone the Typhoon H. With this drone Yuneec has sought to bring to market a product that would have high-end features; but be accessible at an affordable price point.

Image: Yuneec International

A 360-degree gimbal with new CGO3+ camera which allows for unlimited panning while capturing 4K video and 12 megapixel stills combined with an Android-based ST16 controller, with a 7-inch integrated HD 720p video downlink gives the user real-time video. Other features include a compact and user friendly foldable design which allows for easy and compact transportation inside the custom-designed hardcase/backpack. This make the Typhoon H a very attractive entrant in the drone market for a recommended retail price of $1,799 USD. Yet, it is perhaps the additional features of the drone that are so welcome at this price point.

Image: Yuneec International

The Typhoon H’s ultrasonic proximity detection in particular promises to be useful to all drone users. It’s the first consumer drone to use a collision avoidance module based on Intel’s RealSense technology. With automatic ‘sense and avoid’ detection around large obstacles - and a failsafe system which allows the drone to remain stable and land if a motor should fail - it promises to have considerable appeal to new adopters of drone technology.

The Typhoon H also comes with a number of features that shall ensure first-time users get the most of their drone experience including Variable Speed Control, Dynamic Return Home, Low-Battery Return Home and FAA No Fly.

Yu Tian, chief executive officer of Yuneec International emphasized his hope the Typhoon H’s launch would unlock a whole new avenue for creativity among the company’s customers.

“A central part of our mission is to bring new and advanced creative possibilities within the reach of everyone”, said Mr Tian.

“We’ve engineered the Typhoon H to redefine what customers should expect to pay for a drone with such an array of professional features. At this price point, no other drone comes close to the Typhoon H in terms capability and value.”

While the Typhoon H is of course yet to receive many reviews or much use in the field its promise is huge; may it live up to it going forward!

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