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  • Charl Jooste

INVOLI Launches LEMAN – A 4G Drone-Tracking Device Allowing for Compliance for Remote ID

Remote ID compliance is becoming essential in many areas. Fortunately, INVOLI, a Switzerland-based company, has a practical and effective solution. They have developed a solution called LEMAN, which is a 4G tracking device. It is compliant with current remote ID requirements in the US, as set by the FAA.

Europe has also announced similar requirements, and the LEMAN remote ID is compatible there too. Most other regions are sure to follow this important requirement.

Remote ID is necessary for safety. All drones or unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) need to comply in order to keep the airspace safe.

LEMAN has an integrated GPS that allows for remote ID broadcast as well as tracking. It can detect, identify, and track multiple drones in real-time. It uses Wi-Fi to broadcast over 4G.

Many of the current quality drones on the market come with this feature as a standard, but older models and some budget options do not. Current regulations require that drones, in most instances, have remote ID. The LEMAN solves this problem. It will work with any drone.

This broadcast module can be added to any drone that does not have remote ID features. This will make it fully compliant. It will broadcast your drone ID to authorized officials as per the requirements of regulations.

It can track and monitor speed, altitude, elevation and take-off, and current location. All in real-time. This improves safety for the operator, as well as the air space. It gives a time mark of your activity and tracks and broadcasts all relevant data.

This is one of the best ways to make older UAVs or drones compliant with current legislation.

CEO of INVOLI, Manu Lubrano, said, 'It is a great challenge to transform regulatory requirements into a technical product, but we want this burden to be on our company instead of being on drone operators. I strongly believe that drone operators should focus on their operation and their core business, and the regulatory part should be handled as easy and elegantly as fastening your seatbelt in your car.”

It weighs a mere 47 grams and has a sturdy rating of IP67. It is quick and easy to connect once you add a sim card to the device. The INVOLI Server does the rest.

You can monitor the drone’s location in real time. The INVOLI API will allow you to utilize ground control software or integrate it into third-party platforms where necessary.

INVOLI states that the device will work for up to 4 hours per charge. It broadcasts per second for real-time feedback and transmission.

The LEMAN delivers geo-localized data that is most useful in your drone operations. You can run an entire fleet of drones with this system.

The system uses Cell ID, RSRP, SINR, and Band to communicate. It enables you to track performance and will help you to compare your drones in the air.

The requirements for remote ID are not going away and are only likely to become more stringent. This independent 4G Drone Tracker is a perfect solution to this requirement. Air safety and control are important for all and will allow for greater freedom and improved accuracy and effective operations.


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