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The New York City Drone Film Festival supports the art of Aerial Cinematography

It’s an exciting time in Aerial Cinematography as it’s becoming more and more of a hot commodity. That’s why the very first Drone Film Festival, The New York City Drone Film Festival, is set to launch March 7th at the Directors Guild of America in Manhattan. Since there is a “stigma” about drones, that they can be scary robots, the festival hopes to bring to light the amazing uses of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). Drones provide beautiful footage from a perspective we normally don’t get to see. 35 films are set to screen this year at the festival, including: Superman with a GoPro, OK Go’s new music video “I won’t let you down,” amazing Volcano footage and more. Get your tickets today as they are selling out quickly, and support the art of Aerial Cinematography.

Source: Good Magazine

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