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  • Charl Jooste

DJI Delivers a New Cinewhoop FPV Experience – The Avata

While best known for its high-end products, DJI has the experience and technology to create drones for all aspects of the market. While they do not churn out cheap entry-level hobby options, they do have outstanding products for the market that wants a safe, reliable, and easy-to-operate cinewhoop drone. The DJI Avata is their latest in this range and is sure to be highly successful.

The Avata's cinewhoop design closely follows DJI’s earlier Drone, the folding Mini 3 Pro. What sets the latest release apart is not only the compact design but the propeller guards. It is a breeze to use and ideal for enthusiasts as well as beginners that want a portable drone that is easy to operate.

While it might not have all of the features found on its top-of-the-range equipment, this DJI drone has a lot to offer the average user.

Despite not having foldable wings, it is light, compact, and portable. This allows you to take the palm-sized drone anywhere. The full propeller guards make it safe and reliable and allow any operator to use it even in challenging and tight conditions without fear of damage to the drone or others.

As you would expect from DJI, the drone is well made from quality materials. It is tough and durable. Flight time is not spectacular at 1o to 12 minutes; however, this is enough for most needs.

It is agile and delivers an impressive experience that is further enhanced by the intuitive motion controller.

For additional safety and control the Avata features ToF infrared sensing as well as downward binocular vision. These provide added obstacle avoidance as well as ease of flight indoors and outdoors as well at a low altitude.

Transmission as HD low-intensity for accurate and reliable control. The 4K camera has quality stabilization for decent videography that most will be impressed with. It has a single-axis gimble that will only allow views up and down.

The Full FPV Experience

Combine the first-person-view (FPV) experience with goggles and you have a fully immersive experience that is a pleasure to behold. Most experienced drone users will not be disappointed but someone starting to learn the art of aerial cinematography will find it simple to pick up.

The DJI Goggles 2 are light, compact, and comfortable. The screens feature Micro-OLED technology, and the results are crystal clear.

DJI Motion Controller

The motion controller deserves more of a mention. It has a comfortable ergonomic design that makes it easy to use without hand strain. Flying has never been easier.

Final thoughts

If you want professional quality aerial cinematography, you might need to invest in one of the top options. For most, it is a great option.

Do not think for a second that the safety features and compact design take any of the fun or performance away. This is one of the more exciting drones you will fly. FPV is a niche market, and it is exciting to see DJI making more effort in this area. As always, they deliver quality equipment.



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