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FAA Grants 8 More Exemptions for the use of Commercial Drones

FAA drone 333 exemption

FAA announces that they have granted 8 more exemptions for the use of Commercial Drones in Film/Aerial Cinematography & Industrial Inspection. These new exemptions make a total of 24 that the Federal Aviation Administration has approved out of 342 requests. Some newly exempted companies include: Team 5, Helinet Aviation Services, and Shotover Camera Systems. There are, however, regulations set in place; there must always be a Pilot and an Observer. The pilot must be certified and the Drone must stay within sight. Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles is a gray area in the commercial world, so every exemption granted is a victory for the technology. The process is slow, but hopefully in the months to come we will see a significant sign of support from the FAA regarding the usage of drones for business.

Sources: Fox News Reuters

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