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This Tough-as-nails Drone is Ready for Backyard Drone Battles

quadcopter drone flying through fire ball with gopro camera

This little drone can take a hit! Not only is it capable of sustaining a blow to the wall and a crash landing, it can also withstand fire, land on water, operate through bad weather and if that’s not enough, it can also take a shot from a shotgun.

This little drone is made with a military-grade polymer plastic blend, and it also comes in a couple colors and the option to add LED lights. Originally made at a battle drone for drone-on-drone dog fights, and for the company’s own event, Game of Drones.

This drone is perfect for search and rescue, aerial cinematography in dangerous areas and as a surveyor for industrial zones that might prove to be difficult for safe flight. Packages start at $650.

Source: WIRED

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