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  • Charl Jooste

FAA allows Amazon to use drones for PrimeAir deliveries...kinda.

Amazon PrimeAir Drone

Drone delivery just got a step closer to reality today. The FAA issued an “experimental airworthiness certificate” to Amazon’s logistics division’s UAS design. Amazon is now allowed to research, develop, and train employees with their design. In accordance with FAA rules, Amazon must fly under 400 feet during daylight with visual contact with the UAS, and all of Amazon’s pilots must have a private pilots license and medical certification. Amazon will have to provide the FAA monthly data of their flights, issues, and whenever something goes wrong. Now of course Amazon will have to do years of testing and development before they can propose to the FAA that they want to use UAS for commercial delivery. Also current battery technology and payload capacities limits the commercial viability of this venture. Once Amazon can use UAS in a profitable way we may be able to order a drone from a drone.

Source: FAA

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