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  • by Rick Wilson

Next Gen GoPro Speculation

Gopro hero4

The next GoPro will either be the Hero 4+ series or the Hero 5 series. The naming really doesn't matter. But within the next 6-8 months it is very likely that GoPro will unveil their next generation of GoPro cameras. There has been a bit of buzz on the internet recently about the next GoPro. Bloggers claim that it can do 8K and GoPro doubled frame rates on every resolution. The biggest rumored advantage here is 4K @ 60fps. That resolution at that frame rate allows for a great deal of flexibility in post. These frame rate jumps are common with the GoPro updates. It is also rumored that GoPro will be redesigning the battery to last 1.5 times longer than current models. Another rumor states that the waterproof case will be able to withstand pressure at greater depths. All of these speculated upgrades are welcome to the GoPro line.

But it would be interesting if GoPro took some interest in their lenses. It would be awesome if GoPro introduced a model with interchangeable lenses. They would really only need to make a couple of lenses, a fisheye, a non distorted wide angle, and perhaps a power zoom. The first two make a ton of sense, its essentially what most users are doing now on their GoPros by cropping to medium or staying wide. The power zoom is a bit different. The zoom really only makes sense if you are holding the GoPro and can monitor footage via a lcd back while filming or you are remotely monitoring the footage via the GoPro app (and can control zoom via app). It wouldn’t be a perfect solution but for some it would be extremely interesting. Imagine an aerial shot that zooms in to a subject below. It would be incredibly helpful in that situation since UAS can only go so fast while descending in order to keep the shot and craft stable. With lens options, users would have much more quality and flexibility in any situation. It is extremely unlikely that this would happen for the next generation, but it is number one on my wishlist.

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