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  • by Rick Wilson

FAA Removes Some 333 Red Tape

FAA 333 exemption red tape stitching logo

Yesterday the FAA lifted some restrictions for companies with 333 exemptions allowing them to fly under 200 feet without filling a flight plan. This allows those users to test a new rig or do something very quickly without authorization. It is a tiny step in the right direction. The FAA is still lightyears behind where they should be. And if you don’t have a 333 exception there is nothing new for you, this only applies to those with the 333 exemption.

Amazon’s vice president of global public policy, Paul Misener criticized the FAA before the Senate Subcommittee on Aviation. He stated that “nowhere outside of the United States have we been required to wait more than one or two months to begin testing.” The FAA is lacking far behind the European Union and other states around the world. Amazon has an enormous amount of power, and with the help of senators who believe in the future of UAS like Corey Booker, hopefully the FAA can pave the way for a bright future for UAS in the USA.

Sources: Fortune Forbes

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