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  • by Rick Wilson

New Phase One medium format camera designed for drone photography

Phase one camera

Phase One, the industry leader of high end medium format cameras and digital backs, has released a new camera system for their Phase One Industrial line. Previously, Phase One Industrial’s camera line was designed for use with complex camera systems on passenger aircraft. But now Phase One has realized that many shots can be accomplished with a UAS for a fraction of the cost in a much safer way. The lightest model of the iXU line the iXU 150 weighs 1.65 lbs without lens, and 2.76 lbs with an 80mm lens. The camera system is designed to work with Schneider-Kreuznach fast sync lenses. Phase One Industrials aerial cameras are not capable of shooting any video, stills only. Phase One states that the applications of the camera line are mainly for industrial, surveillance, research, and 3D mapping. The camera can be easily mounted to an existing UAS like DJI’s spreading wings platform. Existing Phase One Industrial camera systems required a pc based controller, that had a quad core i7 processor in it, onboard the aircraft to control the camera, but the iXU connects directly to the UAS’s IMU, FMS, and GPS. This allows the camera system to loose an incredible amount of weight compared to Phase One’s other camera systems. It is rumored that the 50MP model will sell for $40,000. We can expect the 80MP version to cost a bit more.

Source: Phase One

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