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  • by Rick Wilson

Drone + Flex4k @ 1000FPS = Awesome

drone cinematography shot with 1000fps phantom flex4k

Brain Farm, a Wyoming based production company successfully flew a Phantom Flex4k on a UAS. According to Brain Farm, they are the first to fly the camera on a UAS since the camera weighs around 15 pounds. They were able to do so by using the Aerigon heavy lift drone. However, the Aerigon didn’t even have enough lift, so the engineers had to increase the power output by 40% and strap a couple of extra batteries on top to get it to fly. Brain Farm estimated that the rig was worth about $250,000. Strapping a high speed camera on a drone is really only advantageous if you want a shot that cannot be accomplished by a crane, since movement in a 1000FPS shot is incredibly slow to non existent. Also the price of insurance must be outrageous on a quarter million dollar rig. Nevertheless, it is a sign that UAS technology is getting better and better every day. I can’t wait to see what will advance tomorrow.

SOURCE: Gizmodo

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