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  • by Rick Wilson

MoVI Maker’s New Top Mounting Drone

The Alta is a new UAS that allows operators to mount a 15 pound payload above or beneath the rotors. Mounting above the rotors allows DPs to acquire shots that have never been seen before. See the gif below to understand what we are talking about. The Alta is made by Freefly, who is best known for the MoVI. The Alta is specifically made to mount the MoVI with a camera system such as the RED Epic, Alexa Mini, DSLR, or even Blackmagic’s newly announced micro cinema camera. Freefly has a ton of experience in this market and their new UAS is the only UAS that allows quick release mounting to the top and bottom of the airframe. On top of that, the rotor arms quickly snap in and out to make the footprint smaller while in storage. Freefly claims that the Alta goes from case to flight in under five minutes. Freefly is well known for excellent hardware, but in the past their flight controllers have been lacking. It will be interesting to see how the Alta’s flight control system compares with others on the market.

SOURCES: Vimeo, Techcrunch

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