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  • by Rick Wilson

Super Aerial Cinematography

Drones can only go so high. Sometimes you need to go higher. So you mount a camera to a high altitude aircraft or weather balloon. But what if you want to go even higher? Enter the International Space Station. The ISS is capable of carrying a crew of 6 at a height of 250 miles at the average speed of 17,000 mph. The new Phantom 3 can only fly at a height of three and a half miles with the right transmitter and only at a speed of about 35 mph. The ISS has also been flying for over sixteen years, whereas the phantom can only fly for a mere 23 minutes. Clearly you can do things with the ISS that you could never do with the phantom. Drone 55 has still not heard a reply from NASA and CSA about our request to mount the new RED Dragon to the Canadarm2 on the ISS. Our fingers are crossed, but for now we have to make due with NASA astronaut Terry Virt’s GoPro spacewalk footage.

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