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  • by kH

New Pint Size FLIR Vue Designed for Drone Use

FLIR Systems has announced a new thermal imaging camera that is geared toward the drone community. The FLIR Vue can be used with 3 different lens configuration, a 9mm, 13mm or 19mm and in it’s lightest configuration it’s only 92g which is 3g heavier then a GoPro Hero4 (89g). That weight makes it a perfect thermal camera for even the smallest drones such as a Phantom 2. Other great features include mini-USB connection with 5v in and analog video out. It also has multiple mounting configurations including a standard threaded tripod mount, M2 threaded holes on three sides and an optional GoPro mount. Although, they don't elaborate on what exactly that GoPro mount is and how it would work with the FLIR Vue. The FLIR Vue’s dimensions are 44.5mm (H) x 44.5mm (W) x 37.6mm (D) compared to the GoPro Hero4 at 42mm (H) x 60mm (W) x 20mm (D). Their dimensions are quite different in comparison so I’m not sure how you could use a GoPro mount. I hope you can because it would be great to mount this on a Zenmuse H4-3D, but I’m not holding my breath! Which mean we’ll have to most likely wait for DJI or another manufacturer to make a brushless digitally stabilized gimbal for the FLIR Vue so we can get this thing in the air ASAP!


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