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  • by D55

Your Daily Drone Meditation: Mesmerizing Drone Footage of Antartica

Push play, put it in fullscreen and let Kalle Ljung’s Antartica take you away. Lars Ljung, Kalle’s 73 year old father set sail from the dock of Valleviken, Sweden to embark on a 3 year life journey around the world.

Eight months after his father started his journey Kalle hopped aboard the ship in Ushuaia, Argentina to make the trip to Antartica. Kalle, a photographer, brought along his newly acquired Phantom 2 and GoPro and good thing he did. During the 16 days they spent sailing through Antartica, Kalle captured 250 hours of drone footage.

Narrowing it down to just over 7 mins of footage had to be an enormous task, but hopefully he edits up another one because the footage is simply gorgeous and I could watch it all day. Send this to any GoPro haters you know and show them that a great pilot with a good aerial platform, an artistic eye and a little bit of FilmConvert color grading magic, CAN take cinema quality aerial footage with a GoPro.


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