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Drones are Changing the Insurance Industry

With the increased interest in drones, UAVs, & UAS; it has become only a matter of time that every industry finds a use for them. Currently, agriculture, public safety, environmental, construction, real estate & other industries are using drones in limited capacities to increase efficiencies, cut down costs & increase better usage of resources.

Interestingly, there’s a lot of interest from the insurance industry as well to leverage drones to make their work much better. In fact, some of the leading insurance companies of USA, have hired people with flying experience to make maiden flights for their specific needs in order to be ready when the governments give a clear go-ahead.

Insurers are envisioning drones to be used as the tools to map sites, complete surveys & do other such jobs that traditionally required an engineer, assessor, or claim adjuster to trudge on foot to the sites.

The Future of the Insurance Industry

The future is bright for early technology adopters, especially drones. Chap, if you are in the insurance industry & are looking at that next best thing that raises your bottom-line, we say consider drones to be an integral part of your company’s operations.

Some scenarios where you can plan to use a drone into your near future are:

1. Better & Faster Service in case of Disasters

Changing environments, increased disasters & over-population are just some of the pressing concerns that are affecting the world today. So, how are they related to insurance & drones you say? The thing is, in the last tornado that hit Missouri, USA, it took claim adjusters 10 to 14 days to process the claims! Imagine that long of time when you are sitting without a home! Or worse, if your insurance company has to look at thousands of such cases & has to immediately settle all of them.


Scary, right? And, ripe for dissatisfaction, flared tempers & overall bad experience & reputation for your company.

If in place of this manual work, you could employ multiple drones to cover the entire disaster affected area in minutes & get to work faster. This removes operational stress, & speeds up claim settlement process.

2. Improved Productivity of Engineers

Risk engineers have to travel from site to site to gather information & risk assessment reports for insurers & underwriters. This is a time intensive process & puts risk engineers in line of harm. Even with the use of laptops, tablets & more, the information gathering process still requires the engineers to inspect all the properties personally & on foot.


With drones, this needlessly time intensive activity can be reduced & instead of employing specialist risk engineers for those sites, a generalist engineer with a drone can be employed. This saves time, lives & money, especially for difficult terrains, high-risk areas.

3. Faster & Accurate Claim Processing Times

With drones, you can shorten claim processing times by at least 10 times. The fundamental change that usage of drones brings is the time that is saved in the manual checkups can be used to complete paperwork faster, settle more claims, & increase accuracy. With drones, you do not have the problem of human errors & you can rely on data transmitted from the drone directly.

Time is ripe for insurance industry to pick up drones & make them a core part of everyday activities to raise bottom-line & increase customer satisfaction.

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SOURCE: Examiner, Insurance & Risk

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