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Snap, Crackle & Fly

Image: Vantage Robotics

A new drone has been anounced that seeks to narrow the gap between smartphone and DSLR camera. But does it deliver? Read on to find out how well The Snap bridges the gap.

The Snap gets its name from the magnetic snips which snap into place the fuselage to the rest of the device. This delivers both sensible and stylish points off the bat.

Promising 20 minutes of battery life - a world of time when you’ve a drone in flight and desire to snap away every second - the stabilized 4k camera is offered with a view towards fitting into a backpack or even a big purse with little trouble.

Another virtue of The Snap is very much the customization and ability to tailor your drone to your own needs when it comes to modifications. This means should you aspire for a longer battery, different rotor guards or a number of other modifications; The Snap may well represent a solid choice.

Yet, while The Snap wins point for branding and optics, it does indeed struggle when it comes to questions of necessity and relativity. While the footage is stabilized, there indeed remain other products of similar build - like the DJI Phantom 3 - that can deliver a better frame-rate at the same price point. Then there is the overall built. While The Snap has clearly built a quality branding opportunity off the notion of ‘snap assembling’ the drone; this comes with questions and concerns as to overall build quality. To what extent does a non-uniform and ‘assembly drone’ deliver a consistent and certain experience throughout all operations from air-to-ground. Questions like this may not trouble someone while their drone is on the ground; but once in flight such challenges can become foremost should something go wrong along the way.

In sum, The Snap is a device for those that remain confident and assured of what they are doing in the air and on the ground. For those seeking to begin flying in the world of UAV its true it may be best to look elsewhere. A drone best for those who already own a few; and wish to add one more to their collection.

The snap is available for preorder at a discounted rate of $895 (retails for $1295).

SOURCE: Vantage Robotics

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