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RED Anounces the Lightweight RED Raven 4K Camera Designed for Drones


RED has announced they are bringing a new 4K Ultra HD video camera to market, and with it the promise of delivering a game changer to the current aerial HD landscape. The aptly titled RED RAVEN starting at $5,950 is the most affordable of the company’s cameras to date. What’s more, it will be available in an array of packages for those who are attracted by the price point but seek further features in the aerial photography and aerial cinematography sphere while remaining in the sub-10K budget bracket.

Undoubtedly, what RED have done with their new 4K camera is sought to further lower the entry price for those who seek to capture cinema quality aerial cinematography - and made it that much easier. Just like cell phones that ten years ago could rarely take a picture that looked better than a blur of pixels, it easy to forget the rapid advent and ascent drone cinematography has enjoyed in recent years. In turn, while RED has a storied history in camera creation and film, their work within the drone and aerial realm is far newer (though true this is in large part reflective of the newness of drones capable of flying cinema cmaeras generally). Therefore the RED RAVEN signifies a welcome new entrant to the field of drone operators, alongside a broadening of the scope of RED's product offering. While the RED DRAGON and RED EPIC have been the skies for sometime already, the RED RAVEN very much offers the promise of a new dawn in aerial video and drone filming, for it will not only open up drone use to a whole new level of buyers and enthusiasts.


What’s more, the specs on this are solid. At 120fps it can record 4,096 x 2,160 4k RAW, and at Pro Resolution 60fps 2,048 x 1,080. While true this is not totally world-beating, it is surely cinema quality; and this a great effort in the right direction from the company whose camera’s regularly feature across Hollywood blockbusters and hit TV shows like Straight Outta Compton and Game of Thrones. Alongside its optics, the RED RAVEN is a big announcement for the drone industry due to its light weight. At just 3.5lbs this camera weighs less than a PS4 or Macbook Pro - that's how light it is. This is important because even when compared to other cameras in the RED stable such as the RED DRAGON or EPIC which each weigh 5lbs (body only) - the RAVEN marks a huge improvement on that form and factor.

In sum, RED RAVEN is a commendable advance by RED and an exciting indicator of just what further innovation beckons in the near future within the drone and aerial filming sphere.



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