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DJI Appears to be Getting Serious About Cameras With Purchase of Minority Stake in Hasselblad

Image: DJI

Image: Hasselblad

Chinese drone maker DJI has purchased a minority stake in the Swedish camera company Hasselblad. This announcement is significant for numerous reasons, both for the history of the Hasselblad and the wider drone industry.

Though the percentage of the minority stake is not yet known - for both companies have remained discreet about the specifics of the deal - is it certain that it shall win for DJI a substantive and powerful voice within the iconic camera company.

This news signifies a real emergence of drone moving beyond the public perception of being largely just for hobbyists and tech-enthusiasts. In its place comes resounding proof drone companies are very much moving towards a deep and foundational integration across the wider visual‚ cinematic and optimal sphere.

The acquisition of the Swedish company by the Chinese firm also speaks to the wider trends emerging within the wider world of European business and economy.

Though European companies retain an ‘old world’ sense of prestige and glamour‚ within the wider economic trends of the world Asia - with the huge economies of China‚ Japan and India - is very much the ‘engine room’ of Asia - and is only predicted to grow further.

What this means in practice is the photographic‚ visual and aerial drone industries shall doubtless continue to experience a convergence in interests‚ operators and businesses.

Accordingly‚ while this development in the business of DJI and Hasselblad may be significant today‚ it is also a story that is set to become more commonplace as time goes on.

Hasselblad and DJI’s new deal done today is already one to watch - and as time goes on shall be one perpetually pointed back to as a game-changer for drone and camera industries growing closer.

SOURCE: TechCrunch

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