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DJI XT Flir to Change The Way Thermal Imagery is Used


The new DJI XT Flir is set to be a game changer. This is no small statement given the drone industry is already famed for its constant innovation. Yet, when you bring together the DJI’s drone know-how with the precision and sophistication of Flir’s world, the future of this partnership seems very promising indeed. This is especially because of what they have delivered with their first product here, the DJI XT Flir as anytime you bring together great flight and brilliant imagery you have the chance to see something special.

The DJI XT Flir has brought together a unit that can now detect even minor changes in heat temperature via its thermal imagery. The possible uses for such technology are immense. From military, to emergency rescue such as finding someone buried under snow - or such as by noting a forest is fast heating up and becoming a fire risk - to even in the sporting arena. By providing the chance for an operator to monitor the heat of an environment and what is within it, while also being able to observe the heat each athlete is emitting. While this has obvious safety benefits - such as being able to tell an athlete to take a breather if training at too high a temperature - it also provides chance to make workouts more effective.

While various setups have existed prior to use a Flir camera within a DJI drone - as with all mods - there have been varying degrees of adaptation and success in seeking to bring these two products together. Now that a all-in-one product has been custom designed for this very purpose, it undoubtedly this piece of tech shall be among the most anticipated in recent times.

At time of writing neither a firm release date - currently sometime in Q1 2016 - or a price point has not been made public.


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