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Hasselblad & DJI’s First Collaboration is a High Flying Medium Format Camera


Hasselblad has outdone itself again by joining together with DJI to putting major advancements in aerial photography. They have recently designed a medium format camera range specifically for aerial photographers. the A5D system aerial camera and the M600 has been designed with aerial optics and sensors combined with the most reliable aerial platforms. You can also use it with locking Hasselblad lenses specifically designed for aerial use.

Features of the new camera include a sleek, black design and you can acquire them in three different sensor sizes: 60MP, 50MP and 40MP. It has a dynamic range of 14 stops and the images are tagged with GPS coordinates and are either stored on external storages or CF cards.


It should be noted that Hasselblad body is directed more towards industrial purposes than ordinary still photography. That is why with its amazing features, the team at Drone 55, which specializes in aerial filming and aerial photography, has already fallen in love with this camera. The A5D has three LEMO connectors on its top side and it allows up to 8 cameras to be synchronized within a minimum time of 20 microseconds via a bus-type cable that connects all cameras. Synchronization is effective in multiple camera capture specifically for mapping, to avoid issues in post-production.

Hasselblad has gone out of its way to provide 9 of its H System lenses in aerial editions. These lenses are erected with special locking mounts that will minimize vibration and increase stability during aerial videography and aerial photography. The lenses’ focus has been fixed at infinity. The camera is implanted with numerous sensors and special chips that are used to cater for mapping and GPS coordinating during drone photography and drone cinematography. The chips and sensors will also check the lens temperature and exposure settings that are controlled via the focus software.

DJI’s M600 has a unique design to provide maximum performance and smart flight safety. This camera is completely compatible with DJI’s progressive gimbal system together with Ronin-MX. A fully equipped M600 comes with A3 flight controller, 6 intelligent batteries, dust proof propulsion, 2 professional HD transmission system and powerful app controls. The dust proof propulsion systems will simplify maintenance and the actively cooled motors will ensure reliable operations for extended periods of time. It uses sine-wave driven and intelligent ESCs to make sure it performs safely, accurately and efficiently. It is also erected with A3’s self-adaptive flight systems that will automatically adjust the flight parameters during aerial photography and aerial cinematography.

This unique combination of best-in-class aerial optics will provide a unique bundle to professional surveyors, mappers and photographers such as us at Drone 55.


SOURCES: DJI, Hasselblad

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