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  • Krum Janevski

DJI Introduces Their First Camera with Optical Zoom Lens

Image: DJI

The brand new aerial camera Zenmuse Z3 is an amazing new device from DJI that features an optical zoom lens. The camera offers 3.5 optical zoom and 2x digital zoom. You can record 4k video with this little gadget and also stream live HD video when mounted onto a DJI aircraft, which is pretty amazing for aerial drone filming and drone cinematography in general.

When zoomed in the camera is mainly recommended for still image capturing because the video shot at 7x zoom can get shaky. The overall 7x zoom factor covers equivalent focal ranges from 22-77mm and the aperture ranges from F2.8 at wide angle to F5.2 at the long end of the zoom.

The HD video downlink provides transmission from a distance of up to 5km away. You can operate the Zenmuse Z3 zoom with the DJI GO app or with the Drone remote control. DJI claims that they have improved and refined image stabilization, any camera movement is magnified at the longer end of the zoom lens.

The camera currently supports only the Inspire 1 series, Inspire 1 v2.0, Matrice 100 and Matrice 600. In the package of the Zenmuse Z3, you will find Gimbal and Camera and a 16GB Micro SD card. The Camera weighs 262 grams and the images are captured on a 12MP 1/2.3-inch Sony sensor that is also capable of recording 4k video at 30fps and save DNG Raw files.

Drone filming with the camera can go up to 4k video footage and live stream it as well, but that is not it’s primary purpose. What makes this camera different is that it is made for still images, aerial photography and being able to have a high quality 7x zoom that would not affect the quality of the image.

Zenmuse Z3 is best used for aerial photography. It is one of the best drone camera for drone photography, but its use for drone filming is also incredible. DJI is really pushing it’s boundaries of innovation with the new devices they are coming up with and improving aerial cinematography.

This aerial cinematography camera costs $899.

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