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  • Joel Hans

Epic Wedding Drone Cinematography Captures Bride’s Seaside Walk in a Single Take

Video: Vimeo user Kaveret’s

Photographers have been a staple of most ceremonies for as long as anyone can remember, but this drone cinematography from Kaveret proves that drones should be crashing more weddings in years to come. Shot at Newport Beach, California, this video is among the most beautiful we’ve seen at Drone 55.

Adam Rubin, Kaveret’s CEO, made this aerial videography job look easy, although in reality it was anything but. Rubin had scripted all of the Phantom’s movements, but a wedding’s pace is already unpredictable, meaning he had to react quickly and naturally to keep his framing spot-on. He is also the only operator—around 1:52, he is performing, single-handedly, five different operations, as evidenced by a movement breakdown video he created. On top of all that, weddings don’t get second takes, meaning he had to get the shot right the first time.

That word—shot, as in a single shot—is important here. An uncut shot creates a different story compared to one with multiple cuts—by tilting down to the bride and back up to showcase the landscape, Rubin beautifully builds a sense of scope. The single shot creates a sense of drama—as with everyone at the ceremony, the bride’s slow walk creates anticipation that would otherwise be lost.

Rubin insists, in an interview with DIY Photography, that motor noise from the DJI Phantom 4 was not an issue in this sequence, although aerial cinematography pilots will have to keep the potential distraction factor in mind when blocking shots. We hope Rubin and others continue to work past these barriers, because the results can be stunning.

For more from Rubin and Kaveret, be sure to visit their Vimeo and Facebook pages.

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