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  • Joel Hans

DJI Reigns Supreme in Top Drone Photos of 2016

Drones have long been used in many different practical business applications, but it’s always a treat to see what new technology can do in the hands of artists.

National Geographic is doing its part to celebrate drone photography in the form of its annual Dronestagram contest, which is now in its third year. A panel of expert judges navigated 5,900 submissions from 28 countries to find their favorites in three distinct categories: Nature-Wildlife, Sports, and Travel.

Winner in the Nature-Wildlife category, Michael Bernholdt, says he spent hours scouring Google Maps for interesting shapes and patterns in a local forest. When he finally ventured out to make the shot using his DJI Phantom 3 drone, he found that “it had snowed all day so that the pine wood really stood out.”

In fact, all of the winners used DJI products to make the flights possible, and many also used them as the primary camera, proving once again that one doesn’t necessarily need to spent many thousands of dollars on professional-level equipment to take incredibly beautiful shots.

Check out all of the winners over at National Geographic.

SOURCES: National Geographic, Time,

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