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Exciting New Developments from DJI

Image: DJI

DJI, market leaders and leading innovators of cutting edge camera technology have done it yet again with a host of new technologies that are ahead of their time. We are not even talking one product here but a host of exciting additions to the already amazing range of products and technologies.

Ronin 2

DJI already took the cinematography industry by storm with the original Ronin and within a short space of time, have come out with the Ronin 2 which already stands head and shoulders above its amazing predecessor.

The freedom and opportunities it offers filmmakers are boundless and their imagination is their only limitation. Never before have filmmakers had the opportunity to express their creativity than they now can with the Ronin 2.

DJI are the experts when it comes to creating unparalleled three-axis camera stabilizers. That they have improved on their earlier design is a testament to their ingenuity.

The Ronin 2 has greater power and torque meaning it is capable of operating with a range of camera shapes and sizes as well as even larger cameras. I will be able to withstand high winds and G-forces during high-speed filming. Add to this improved versatility and a host of intelligent new features, filmmakers will be over the moon.

Image: DJI

It has been designed to attach to drones, cranes, cable cams, Steadicams and a range of other items. It can stand independently as the grips are detachable. Every aspect of the Ronin 2 has been designed for speed, simplicity and ease of use.

The power unit is cleverly contained internally so that all cameras, accessories and motors are discreetly tucked away, avoiding external cables that could get in the way. If functions off a dual battery system so there is no need for any downtime as operators can hot swap while the Ronin 2 is operating.

The improved housing is made from strong, quality materials that are durable and splash proof. These features combine to make it suitable for use in even the most extreme conditions with perfect results.

Improved Intelligence

The upgraded DJI gimbal assistant mobile app is more user-friendly highly intuitive. The have incorporated new studio-oriented features that improve functionality allowing for complex moves that would have previously needed extra equipment and specialized skills.

Panorama mode is one of the new functions that automatically creates perfect still image panoramas. Another new feature is Timelapse mode that allows operators to preset multiple actions and movements at specific points along a route to create real-time progression shots. CamAnchor mode allows users to keep gimbal orientation settings and instantly go back them later if required.

Stability has been enhanced by the intelligent SmoothTrack system that uses an improved algorithm to ensure Ronin 2 works in perfect unison with the operator as they go about their activity. The three axes allow it to respond perfectly to all angles and movements.

DJI Ronin 2 Specs

Built-in Touch Panel

Built-in GPS

30 lbs (13.6 kg) Payload

Handheld, Tripod, Aerial, Car Mount or Steadicam Mode

Hot-Swappable Dual Battery System with 8-Hour Use Time

2.5-Hour Run Time if camera, gimbals and accessories are used simultaneously

Image: DJI

DJI Tracktenna

Perfect reception, transmission and interference resistance is crucial when operating professional and commercial wireless equipment, particularly over great distances. When using a remote controller to operate a drone or UAV, the most effective to maximize communication is by pointing the antenna towards the drone. This will enhance the signal, improving bandwidth and stability.

Image: DJI

This is often easier said than dine. Under certain circumstances, movement is restricted, obstructions prevent perfect alignment and interference can not be avoided.

Pointing the antenna directly at the drone is often not possible. DJI have overcome this challenge by using automatic repositioning and boosting gain providing greatly improved signal strength even under difficult circumstances.

Signal is now as much as 32 times stronger with the Tracktenna's directional array antenna. It can transmit high-gain signal at 2.4 GHz or 5.8 GHz. Cable power loss is overcome by using top of the range circuits, power amplifiers and a low noise amplifier.

The Inspire 2 drone, used with DJI's Cendence remote controller, the Tracktenna really comes into its own, capable of transmitting data at 10 Mbps over a distance of 2 km. Tracktenna is capable of transmission up to a maximum range of 10 km.

Image: DJI

DJI Goggles

DJI goggles provide the ultimate FPV fully immersive flying experience. They are designed with a pair of large, top quality screens, low lag long-range wireless connectivity. You can control video and photographs directly from the goggles.

They offer a range of intelligent flight modes including terrain follow, TapFly, Tripod and Cinematic made as well as ActiveTrack.

They are ergonomically designed for ultra comfort.

They are designed to offer close range 1080p/30fps and 720p/60fps viewing. Using the DJI’s OcuSync wireless transmission system, up to four devices can be connected to the Mavic Pro simultaneously. Using Head Tracking Flight mode, you can control both camera tilt as well as yaw with simple head movements.

Image: DJI


With the Cendence remote controller, the initial idea was to combine the Inspire 2, Tracktenna, and CrystalSky monitor as a highly-integrated unit. As an essential part of this approach, Cendence offers modular components and controls that realize the full potential of Inspire 2 applications.

The new Cendence remote controller was built from the ground up and designed specifically for the Inspire 2. Having said that, it does still work various top end DJI products.

It utilizes more than ten customizable buttons and up to five analog control channels for ultimate control, convenience and precision.

One can also select a range of antennas depending on requirements. You can use the DJI’s Tracktenna or other high-gain antennas. The DJI Lightbridge technology will improve the quality of data downlinks and help overcome interference issues.

Image: DJI


The Cendence remote attaches to the CrystalSky monitor. All aspects are modular and detachable for easy hardware upgrades. This includes the battery, PCB, mounting bracket and antennas.

For precision operations, dual operator controls can be used with the Cendence operating as a master or slave controller in conjunction with the Inspire 2's controller or an additional Cendence remote controller.

CrystalSky and Cendence use the same batteries for convenience.


A wide range of accessories are available for convenience, ease of use and greater precision.

There is an Interchangeable Mobile Device Holder if you wish to use a tablet or mobile phone in place of the CrystalSky monitor. The controller’s weight is easier to manage for extended periods thanks to the Cendence Support Rig and Control Stick Covers will ensure the sticks do not get affected by dust and debris.

Image: DJI

Seagate DJI Fly Drive

Due to the vast amount of data professional drone operations generate, a better data storage solution was essential. Seagate came to the party with the new Seagate DJI Fly Drive which was developed in conjunction with DJI. It features an integrated MicroSD card slot and allows for fast transfer speeds which allow operators back up their content on location. It has a capacity of up to 2TB.

These new developments herald great advancements for cinematography and the good news is, the developments are constantly improving making it easier and providing new opportunities and greater quality all the time.


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