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Yuneec and 3DR Join Forces

Photo: Yuneec

Dronecode is a joint venture between drone experts Yuneec and software specialists 3DR. They have recently announced the launch of the first of their products aimed at the government market and their suppliers in the engineering and construction arenas. The formidable partnership will trade as 3DR Government Services.

Their maiden release is the Yuneec 3DR H520-G which is launching early September at the Las Vegas InterDrone Conference.

Photos: Yuneec


What makes the 3DR H520-G even more powerful is the exciting new E10T thermal camera. This advanced device specifically designed for commercial applications. It employs a 3-axis gimbal with residual light and dual thermal imaging. The E10T offers a choice of two lenses, a 320 x 256-pixel or 640 x 512-pixel thermal resolution.

Applications of this new product include search and rescue, safety, police, firefighters and inspections. For a commercial drone of caliber, they have managed to keep the price within reasonable limits. The result is a secure, end to end solution for the U.S. Government environment.

Yuneec has the expertise and scale of manufacturing to meet the requirements of this venture and the powerful 3DR software compliments the product perfectly. One of the main requirements met by 3DR was to provide an open platform system with impeccable security. This allows all government agencies at state, federal and local levels greater freedom to choose vendors.

Both companies have experience in supplying a number of U.S. government agencies in their own right. These include a number of public safety departments, the Department of Energy and the Department of the Interior. They have now formed a great partnership by combining their expertise to supply the U.S. government as a local company.

The Defense Innovation Unit Experimental (DIUx) of the Pentagon has already specified the use of Dronecode’s PX4 software in a move to make it a standard for the lower range of UAVs. This will give more access to vendors due to the easy validation and integration. This should speed up the process and reduce costs.

3DR CEO, Chris Anderson announced: “This joint venture cements a strong relationship that goes back to the start of Dronecode and the shared belief that an open software platform would help the drone industry grow and mature faster, just as it has in so many other industries,” adding. “For U.S. government customers who are increasingly looking for U.S.-based trusted solutions, this combination of global leaders in hardware and software provides the best of both worlds.”

Yuneec International CEO, Michael Jiang went on to explain: “Since our launch of the H520 at InterDrone last year, Yuneec has committed to provide public agencies and commercial enterprises with a sUAS that improves their workflow effectiveness. This strategic partnership with 3DR is yet another powerful example of that ongoing commitment,” adding. “We've built a commercial enterprise platform based on the Dronecode open source. Together with partners such as 3DR, Yuneec will continue to leverage our commercial systems to integrate new functionality that further meet the needs of enterprise customers who demand robust and secure sUAS solutions.

This development is sure to boost the market and government environment for commercial drone applications.

SOURCES: Yuneec, Yuneec

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