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FAA BVLOS Waiver for Airobotics

Image: Airobotics

Innovative automated industrial drone startup Airobotics just shared the exciting news that they have been granted a ground-breaking Certificate of Waiver (CoW) that allows them to carry on automated industrial drone operations Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS). The CoW will also allow them to fly with a visual observer that does not need to have visual line of sight and they can also fly over people. They are the first company to receive this permission in America and the waiver was granted by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Airobotics have just set up their Remote Operations Center in Scottsdale, Arizona. This CoW will allow the company to run all operations from this site. They will focus on the mining industry as well as other industrial applications in America.

CEO and Co-Founder of Airobotics, Ran Krauss, said the following, “We recently opened our U.S. headquarters in Arizona and this latest certification opens the gateways to offering American mining companies, seaports, major construction projects, and in the future smart cities, an optimal means of increasing efficiency and safety while decreasing operational costs,” adding, “As our unique pilotless drone technology and industrial grade platform continue breaking new ground, we are able to provide customers with a more accurate and frequent data-driven solution that is the only one of its class in the industry.”

Airobotics recently received an additional $30M Series round D funding taking the total raised to $101M. The new injection will assist the company to further expand across America after the setup of their Scottsdale, Arizona, headquarters. The site will serve as Airobotics global headquarters as they expand and scale. From there, they will control operations in Central, South and North America.

Their service is in great demand and has major advantages over traditional piloted services that are costly, less accurate and often unavailable.

The certification from Civil Aviation Authority of Israel, March 2017, makes Airobotics the fist as well as only company offering an industrial drone service that requires no human operators. The certification allows them to conduct BVLOS the US, Israel and Australia, all leaders in UAV regulations.

Airobotics are going places

Airobotics were pioneers in pilotless drone solutions and were the first company offering the service globally. They deliver a fully automated solution from start to finish to gather aerial data and the critical insights this data provides. The on-demand, on-site industrial solution allows the industry to get this valuable aerial data in a safer, faster and more effective manner.

Airobotics have built on a long and successful history in commercial drone applications and the company has expertise in software, aerospace hardware design and powerful electronics. This combination of experience and expertise has enabled Airobotics to create practical solutions for demanding industrial requirements.

Fast Company said Airobotics was one of the “Most Innovative Companies” worldwide while Wall Street Journal recently hailed them as “one of Top 25 Tech Companies to Watch in 2018”. They also received the “2017 Edison Award for innovation and excellence” and the 2018 Global New Product Innovation Award from Frost & Sullivan.

The Certificate of Waiver is significant as it will allow the company to scale rapidly and demonstrates the ability to successfully run commercial drone applications remotely and BVLOS.


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