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  • Charl Jooste

Beastmode Quadcopter by Freefly Systems

Image: Freefly Systems

Competition is a great thing and it drives innovation, design, and technology. It is not just the low end of the drone market that has seen increased competition. There are some exciting developments for professional-grade drones.

Freefly is not afraid, to take on the leading players and they have stepped up with the astounding Alta X. Their latest creation is right up there with the best drones on the market.

This is not a recreational or toy drone but a full-on commercial offering that delivers. It competes with the very best at the high end of the market. It is aimed primarily at filmmakers and introduces some well-needed innovation in this important and growing market.

As you would imagine, it does not come cheaply and the price tag, without the gimbal and camera is rather hefty. You do, however, get a drone that can get the job done with convenience, expertise, and precision.

Image: Freefly Systems

It is a foldable quadcopter that packs up into a compact and portable carry case. This is done with the simple push of a button. It can be set up and ready to fly within two minutes.

Flight time is good and with a 20-pound load, such as the Mōvi Carbon you can expect around 20 minutes. A low payload will give you up to 40 minutes and with a full load you are looking at around 10 minutes. The Alta X can handle a payload up to around 35 lbs and has an impressive top speed of around 85 mph. At full load it boasts a 2:1 thrust to weight ratio. Impressive!

The gimbal can be attached to the top or bottom of the Alta X. One of the leading features is the foldable ActiveBlade. Freefly designed and built this drone from the ground up and the revolutionary propeller mechanism, ActiveBlade, reduces propeller vibrations to around 20-percent of comparable drones. It is designed to overcome the disruption of cyclic loading and lift normally experienced.

The team at Freefly aimed to combine the accuracy and precision of an octocopter with the strength and power of large propeller quadcopters. This gives it great carrying ability without compromising on precision and agility.

Freefly offer training on this drone and also make the engineering team available to help with any technical issues or questions.

Freefly has had great success in the past with their Alta line but the Alta X is an astounding new development. The foldable design, payload ability, flight time, agility and low vibrations from the ActiveBlade technology combine well to make this a formidable drone at the higher end of the market.

Filmmakers and other commercial drone operators now have more options and this development is certain to increase the rate of development and innovation in this sector of the market. This is good for all involved.

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