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  • Charl Jooste

Fotokite Sigma Tethered Drone Wins Gold at iF Design Awards – Great news for First Responders

Photo: Fotokite

First responders regularly face dangerous situations where not only their lives but the lives of others are at risk. Fast decisions need to be made and quality situational awareness is essential for these operations. Drones can be a fast and effective means to access the situation and the Fotokite Sigma Tethered Drone is one of the best.

You don't just have to take out word for it. This tethered drone recently took top place at the esteemed 2021 iF Design Awards.

Their company release said: “From almost 10,000 submissions, only 75 were honored with the Gold Award for outstanding design achievements by an international, independent jury of experts.”

This is a massive distinction and an indication of the practical and effective design of this drone.

Photos: Fotokite

For those not familiar with the Fotokite Sigma, it is a simple yet highly effective tethered drone that is used for public safety, search and rescue, as well as a range of other applications. The beauty is in the simplicity. It can be launched effortlessly within seconds and give emergency personnel or first responders an instant awareness of the environment.

Unlike the average drone, the design and build allow for continuous flight. When every second counts this is a major advantage. Launching and operating the drone is effortless and fast meaning that it can be used by practically anyone. All that is need to launch, fly, or land the drone is a single button push.

Photos: Fotokite

The iF design page explains, “with the single push of a button helps to save team resources.”

Safety teams have many challenges to deal with and time is always a critical factor. The ease of use is one of the most outstanding features of this drone. This, combined with no concerns or time wasted with battery swaps or charging allows the emergency personal to focus on the job at hand with full and easy situational awareness.

The Fotokite Live App allows for on-site or offsite images and footage in real-time. One can view high-definition video or thermal video streams. This gives the crew the information they need to perform safely and effectively instantly. It comes with a tough durable tablet for onsite visuals.

The company says, “Fotokite Systems have saved human lives numerous times throughout search and rescue and live fire missions.”

The jury at iF Design Excellence, where the Fotokite Sigma received the iF Gold Award, added, “So simple yet so exquisite in every detail. The entire user journey has been considered, with usability clearly explained. Everything here is well thought out: the surface treatment, the materials, the components, the camera, the box, the interaction — everything.”

Photo: Fotokite

The device has been field-tested and is already in use by several fire departments and other emergency or rescue personnel. It allows for easy and rapid deployment in any weather conditions (IP55 rating) and can operate for as long as is needed. When every second counts, these elements are crucial.

It is available in three configurations with the Rooftop Box being the most popular. A tray mount or carry box are the other options.

This is a simple yet highly effective device that is sure to make the life of first responders and emergency personnel safer and better.

SOURCE: iF World Design Guide

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