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  • Charl Jooste

Impressive Inspection Drone Released by Skygauge Robotics’

Images: Skyguage

Skygauge Robotics’ has released an inspection drone that sets a new standard in this field. While there are many commercial drones that are capable of great work, this workhorse is impressive. It is capable of precise contact inspection, even on curved or sloped surfaces. This makes it an extremely versatile and useful tool in many fields.

It boasts an ultrasonic thickness gauge, the Olympus 38DL PLUS. This allows for the precision you need for even the most intricate of inspections, repairs, or construction. The camera is impressive too at 4K and 30 fps.

The dual transducer will accurately gauge the thickness of the surface, paint, or materiel. This will allow for fast and efficient inspections. The beauty of doing this with the Skygauge Robotics drone is that it is fast and efficient. It will save you time and money. Also important is that it is completely safe. The ground crew can accurately monitor and precisely measure without any risk to human life.

These jobs would normally need to be done by trained and skilled professionals. It can be extremely dangerous. It is also very time-consuming and expensive. Specialized equipment such as man-lifts, hoists, or scaffolding would be needed. The Skygauge Robotics will eliminate the risk, do the job in a fraction of the time, and at considerably less cost.

Thrust vectoring joints

A big part of what makes it so effective and accurate is the innovative thrust vectoring joints. This technology allows the Skygauge to thrust in all directions while the frame remains stable. This gives it great precision and accuracy. It allows for detailed work that would not be possible with the average commercial drone.

Safety is important not only from a human perspective but also for the equipment under inspection. The design of the Skygauge makes it safe, accurate, and stable. What this means is that there is minimal risk of it crashing into the equipment being inspected. This is true even in poor weather conditions. A lesser drone could well miss the mark or, even worse, damage the subject of the inspection.

Dual rotatable arms are present on each propeller set. They can independently move in multiple directions allowing the drone to achieve the location and precise angle required while keeping the frame perfectly stable.

Eight servo motors allow the arms to tilt to the required position and angle. This is all easily directed via a simple and easy to use stick on the controller.

It will fly and make contact exactly where you need it to even at challenging angles. The design also gives the Skygauge amazing wind resistance so it is able to maintain accuracy and control even in poor conditions. Again, this would normally have to be done by people and they would not be able to work under such conditions.

Image: Skyguage

The drone uses a D790-SM dual transducer probe. It uses force sensing to apply the precise force required for inspections. The design of the probe and the drone allow it to maintain contact where needed for as long a is necessary.

Full training is available from Skygauge including ultrasonic testing. You can perform industry-standard testing from the convenience and safety of the ground. This can be done at a much lower cost and in a fraction of the time conventional methods would take.

This development from Skygauge Robotics’ is exciting news for the commercial drone industry.


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